NEWS - Monday, 07 September 2009
CKForms 1.3 is a new version of CKForms a Joomla 1.5 native component to generate Forms with fields without any development knowledge with the ability to save data in database and export to CVS format. Fields can be validated as text, number, date and email. A File upload field is available. Forms created can be backup and restored easily without database knowledge.
An HTML Editor is available and a Captcha code can be used to secure the forms. A plug-in and a module are available to display forms. The layout can be customized with CSS.

Fix :
- Clean warning PHP messages
- Clean HTML code generated
- Captcha problem fixed
- E-mail TO receipt address bug fixed

New features:
- duplicate feature for forms and fields
- IP address saved in database and send with result
- new layout for radiobuttons (in line or list)
- new CSV export format (compatble with Apple Format)
- custom CSS class for each forms
- custom CSS class for each field's label
- custom CSS class for each field
- hidden field with uniqueid (for reference)
- "mailto" activation in data screen

Current release : 1.3.4
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